#999 Leaving your cell phone charger behind

You had an amazing weekend with friends, but now it is time to bid adieu.  Your bag is packed, you start the process of thanking, rethanking and assuring your host that you had a wonderful time.  One last peek in bathroom to make sure you remembered your toothbrush.  Got it.  You even remembered your travel shampoo on the shower ledge.  You are on top of it today.  Glance into your room: empty.  No clothes, no underwear, nothing left on the dresser.  You are ready for your departure.  Then, the standard pre-departure self pat down: right back pocket for wallet? Check.  Keys in front pocket? Check.  Cell phone in opposite pocket?  Check.  After this standard operating procedure, you are ready for the train station, the bus station, airport, maybe your own car.

Two hours later, humming one of your favorite tunes while looking out the window, you get the sick feeling.  That feeling you got when your mother looked under your bed and found those treasures you were hiding.  Oh no.  The truth sets in: you left it.

Suddenly every minute is precious as you will soon lose all contact with the outside world.  Your cell phone is dying every second and its very lifeline is dangling out of some wall socket in a spare bedroom.  Abject panic.  Your friend can mail it, but that will cost $10.  How much do those things cost anyways?  You could go hang out at the cell phone store and plug into one of their extras, right?  Oh no.  Now you are ignoring calls.  Your grandmother just called but you can’t chat and let that battery drain.  You don’t even want to check texts.  Maybe you leave it off and check for voicemails and texts every hour or so.  Eventually, you will find your way out of this mess, but for right now,


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