#997 Showers with low water pressure

You are ready to sand-blast the germs right off of your skin.  Heck, you’re even ready to give up a dermal layer or two in the process.  You turn on the bottom faucet at your temporary showering establishment.  The sweet water gushes out.  You can barely hear yourself think as the steam begins to rise, but somehow above all the cacophonous wooshing, you gather your thoughts: “This is going to be a good one.”

Grasped between your index and middle fingers, you give the lever a swift pull and brace yourself.  During this moment of stillness, you picture the water being forced up the pipes and out of the spigot above you letting loose like a fire hose from the heavens.  Then, the shower head gurgles and lets out a pathetic trickle that struggles to even fall to the ceramic floor below.  After a brief second you give up hope that this is a momentary buildup to the true waterworks.  No, friend, you must hang your head in defeat and  scrub extra hard under this sprinkling can of a shower.


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