#996 Texts with poor grammar

It’s all figured out.  The only question remaining is what song to play as you are walking down the aisle.  Things couldn’t be more perfect- witty conversation, breathtaking beauty, similar interests.  You even rent The Notebook just to saturate yourself with this love-sick feeling.  Then comes the second week.  One afternoon, you get the text: “your so cute!”  Oh boy.  Well, you’ve heard things at work have been hectic, let’s chalk it up to a busy day and careless texting.  Then, after a night out the next weekend you stomach drops: “Sry about my friends, there so crazy!!!”  This is no typo.  Suddenly a future of smiles and long walks gets bombarded by emoticons and misplaced apostrophes.  This will have to end.  “I just think you and me are to different.  Sorry.”


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2 Responses to #996 Texts with poor grammar

  1. Katie says:

    Once one of my boyfriends littered out of his car window. It was then I knew that our relationship would be ending soon. There are just some things that are too difficult to deal with…

  2. Ro-bot says:

    He listens to Journey…. he has a pillow case with Steve Perry on it….
    after 8 days of that, i broke up with him.

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