#995 Having to pee an hour before wakeup time

The aching in your bladder has nudged you awake.  As your eyes focus from your sleepy stupor, you stare at the red glow of your alarm clock .  It reads 5:00.  Your brain starts to process.  Slowly.  Weekday? Yes, weekday.  Time until having to rise?  Let’s see…that would be one hour.  Thank God- one more glorious hour of sleep.  But the burning in your spleen reminds you that it is not all roses.

Now you must decide: to go or not to go.  You can choose an hour cozy sleep or an galling struggle to regain unconsciousness.  Sure the decision appears simple, but there is a price to pay to comfortably slip back into a blissful slumber, and the price is dear.  This luxury will require that you  crawl out of bed, grope for a switch, then squint through the bright lights as you trudge down the hall to the bathroom.  On the other hand, you can roll over and suffer through the pain until you are once again lost in a dreamworld.  This decision is yours, and yours alone.  Neither option is ideal, and this is certainly


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One Response to #995 Having to pee an hour before wakeup time

  1. Katie says:

    Great picture!!!

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