#1001 Wet socks

You have been running around the house like decapitated poultry.  Belt on, shirt buttoned, you are finally ready to go.  Maybe you are a tad late, but if everything goes as planned you will just make it.  All your belongings are gathered at the door next to your shoes for an efficient getaway.

Your purposeful steps towards the doorway change direction as you go back for just one more thing: a final once-over.  Just to make sure you didn’t overlook a purple Kool-Aide stain on your white dress shirt and your hair is combed.

As you step onto the bathroom rug, a jolt of electricity shoots up your leg and you gasp as you stare at the fool in the mirror.  Not again.  It’s too late now.  What you’ve done cannot be undone.  Your sock is soaking wet.  Do you have time to go back to your bedroom and change?  Do you even have another sock of the same color?  You even start contemplating wading through the day in your swampy loafers.  Whatever the outcome is,


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